LGR135L Dehumidifier With Pump For Basement With Convenient Size

Preair LGR135L dehumidifier with pump for basement is a vertical machine. LGR series of dehumidifiers are specifically designed for dealing with water damage restoration. If your basement is suffered from a flood or extra water, Preair LGR135L dehumidifier can help a lot. The mold and bacteria easily breeding in a wet environment bring great harm to human health. Houses after flood, damp basements, gloomy warehouses are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Pay attention to the dehumidification!

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Introduction of Preair LGR135L Dehumidifier For Cellar

Preair LGR135L dehumidifier for cellar has a large dehumidification capacity, which is 135 PPD/day when the temperature is 80℉and the relative humidity is 60%. The LGR135L dehumidifier is recommended to be applied in an area of 64-96 square meters. Made in a cart style, the LGR135L dehumidifier can be easily moved to everywhere that you want to make dehumidification. Every detail shows that the humidity remover machine is a well-designed product. Preair is a famous commercial dehumidifier OEM/ODM that can provide customized designs and solutions to meet customers' needs.

Advantages of Preair LGR135L Dehumidifier For Wet Basement

There are many good points of the LGR135L dehumidifier for wet basement. Thanks to the efforts made by all staffs of Preair, the dehumidification performance of LGR series dehumidifiers is outstanding. The dehumidification speed of LGR135L dehumidifier is fast. The machine can be controlled through APP (iOS or Android) which can display the real-time RH level and adjust the RH as needed. Generally, the RH at 40%-60% can make people feel comfortable. If your home or basement or garage or cellar is damaged by flood or rainstorm, the LGR135L dehumidifier will work better on indoor spaces where are lack of sunlight and wind. The machine is easy to move and use. The drainage mode is simple. The filter can be removed and washed which means a long service life of the machine and economical. Preair aims to improve the global humidity who has always listened to customers' opinions and met their actual needs.

APP control (Wireless Control System)

WiFi connection

LCD panel (Direct control)

Long drainage pipe

HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air)

Data of Preair LGR135L Automatic Dehumidifier For Basement

Power 115V/60Hz
Rated Current(A) 10.1
Power(W) 1350
Dehumidifcation Capacity/24Hrs 210PPD (86℉, 80%RH)
135PPD (80℉, 60%RH)
21PPD    (90℉, 90%RH)
283PPD (104℉, 20%RH)
Operating Temperature Range 41℉ -104℉
Operating Humidity Range 20%RH-90%RH
Body Size 21*24*33in
Packaging Dimensions 24*27*37in
Net Weight 110lbs
Gross Weight 120lbs
Refrigerant R410A/29.2oz
Housing PE (Rotomold)
Display Panel LCD
20GP / 40GP / 40HQ 54/ 108 / 108
Filter HEPA
Drain Pipe Length 20ft

Applications of Preair LGR135L Full Basement Dehumidifier

Due to its features and advantages, the Preair LGR135 dehumidifier plays an important role in many commercial fields. If you and your house are being suffered from floods and rainstorms and a long rainy season, you must feel uncomfortable when the environment is too wet and your house may be becoming a hotbed for mold and bacteria. To cope with this difficulty, you are in need of a professional dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is made in a cart style that can move easily from one place to another. Different rooms in your house can be dehumidified by the machine. Apart from houses, ordinary commercial spaces provide a larger stage for Preair LGR dehumidifiers to play. Different application scenarios are acceptable, for example,

Water damage restoration

Flood basements

Wet cellars

Water damaged garages

Pharmaceutical warehouses, etc.

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LGR135L Dehumidifier With Pump For Basement

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