WH95 Dehumidifier For Beach House

WH series dehumidifier can be connected to the HAVC system or can be installed separately for dehumidification and air purification in the whole house. The negative pressure may occur after the dehumidifier is connected to the pipeline of the ventilation system. In view of this problem, the WH series dehumidifier has focused on structural optimization, which can greatly avoid the leakage of the drainage pipe. The air inlet and outlet of the dehumidifier can perfectly realize indoor and outdoor air circulation. Of course, the most important function is to reduce humidity. WH95 Dehumidifier for Beach House can be easily connected to the fresh air system (preferably installed by professional installation workers) to fully ensure fresh and dry indoor air, so as to provide a safe living environment for families, especially children.

Products Details

Introduction of Preair WH95 Dehumidifier for Whole Home


The use of the WH95 dehumidifier for whole home can effectively improve air quality, which can create a comfortable living environment for people with asthma or other respiratory diseases. Every WH95 whole house dehumidifier is equipped with a MERV11 filter which has a powerful filtering capability. The WH95 dehumidifier can work better inside the house when the temperature is 5℃-35℃, and the humidity is 10%-90%RH. If your respiratory system is sensitive and you have a high requirement for air quality, installing a whole-house dehumidifier is a very good choice.

Advantages of Preair WH95 Full House Dehumidifier

The WH95 full house dehumidifier can help you solve troubles made by high humidity. The advantages of the Preair WH series dehumidifier lie on:

Reducing mold growth

Mold can grow in moist and humid environments and can cause health problems, especially for people with allergies or respiratory issues. You can choose to install a WH95 household dehumidifier together with the HVAC system which can reduce mold growth as soon as possible. If you want to have a good breathing experience, please make sure your HVAC system is properly maintained and clean the air filters regularly.

Improve indoor air quality

The WH95 dehumidifier can bring new air indoors and exhaust dirty air outdoors. Improving indoor air quality can have numerous benefits, including reducing the risk of respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues.

Reduce the strain on air conditioning systems

The WH95 home dehumidifier can help reduce the strain on air conditioning systems. When the air is humid, it can make the temperature feel hotter than it actually is, causing the air conditioning system to work harder to cool the space. By using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air, the air conditioning system can work more efficiently and effectively, since it won't have to work as hard to cool the space.

Save cost

Using a WH95 dehumidifier for home can lead to energy savings and lower electricity bills, as the air conditioning system won't have to run as often or for as long. Additionally, using a whole house dehumidifier can also help extend the lifespan of the air conditioning system by reducing wear and tear on the components.

Applications of Preair WH95 Dehumidifier for Crawl Space Under House

The WH95 dehumidifier can be applied to your house, basement, crawl space and other places troubled by extra moisture. Now, more and more people pay attention to improving the quality of life. In order to pursue human comfort, with the continuous improvement of refrigeration and heating technology, people have made significant progress in the control of temperature and humidity. The emergence of dehumidifiers has greatly helped people in the face of the humidity problem that was helpless in the past. People living in humid areas should install a whole-house dehumidifier at home if conditions permit.

Data of Preair WH95 Home Dehumidifier for Crawl Space

NO. WH95
Power Supply 115V/60HZ
Rated Current (A) 5.6A
Rated Power (W) 640W
Dehumidification Capacity (30℃/80%RH) 173PT/Day
Dehumidification Capacity (26.7℃/60%RH) 95PT/Day
Dehumidification Capacity (32℃/90%RH) 210PT/Day
Working Temperature Range 5℃-35℃
Working Humidity Range 10%-90%RH
Product Dimensions 32.1*14.7*18.9in
Packaging Dimensions 35.6*19.1*23.8in
Refrigerant/ Refrigerant Charge R410/800g
Filter Material MERV11
Drainage Way 3/4NPT direct drainage
Machine Casing Material Metal plate
Loading Quantity (20'/40'/40'HQ) 90/244/183

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